People are climbing a Snowdonia mountain to party in a secret infinity pool

Party-goers have been accused of “wrecking” a hidden infinity pool at a mountain beauty spot.

Until recently the location of the pool and weir – part of a small-scale hydroelectric generating scheme – was only really known to walkers and locals.

But, as the existence of the pool has become more widely known, the farmer behind the power scheme said the area was being trashed by people partying at the site.

Sheep farmer Wyn Mostyn Jones said the area – classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) above Llanberis in Snowdonia – is being damaged by the influx of visitors who are wandering off the footpaths, and leaving their litter behind.

Mr Jones put £400,000 into the green energy project, and had to use helicopters to build the mountain weir – and had intentionally not publicised its location.

The ‘infinity pool’ above Llanberis has became a popular spot for all-night parties

It has been dubbed an infinity pool because its lofty position on the side of the mountain gives the impression that it merges into the surrounding landscape.

Walkers with local knowledge would stop and rest there, but now a new kind of visitor is apparently using it for all-night parties – and leaving a mess behind them.

He told the Daily Post : “I’ve got no objection to people going there, but since the location has gone viral there’s thousands of people going there just to take a picture.

“It’s the mess they leave behind – it’s disgraceful. People are partying at nights.

“I want people to go there but they are destroying the environment. It cost me a fortune of my own money and people are going there and wrecking it.

“I just want people to respect the area. It’s just becoming a joke and in a matter of four weeks the amount of people going there has been unbelievable.

“I am not being a killjoy – it’s about respect for the environment and enjoying the habitat.

“It’s not people going up Snowdon, it’s people just going up there to party that are the problem.”

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