Default Setting – Valve Closed

When you are storing your sleeping mat or have it inflated, your valve should look like this. Make sure it is firmly closed by pressing down firmly on the valve. Check to ensure no air is escaping.

Inflating the Sleeping Mat

When inflating the mat, pull the top tab out to reveal a small set of holes and a rubber seal.

Simply place your mouth around the edge of this area and blow. This will inflate your mat. It takes approximately 15 breaths to inflate the mat.

No pump or external tools are required.

Deflating the Sleeping Mat

To deflate, pull the entire flap away from the mat until the bottom piece separates, as shown in the photograph. This will deflate your mat in less than 4 seconds.

Some air may remain present, so while folding your mat up, be sure to leave this valve open. Once you’ve got your mat wrapped up, push your valve back together firmly to create the default position.

Valve Assembly

In this photo you can see how the valve comes together.